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Privacy Policy
( Payment System Privacy Policy )
  • We are using DR MyCommerce Payment System.
  • For privacy policy of the payment system, refer to the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the order page.

( SProsoft Privacy Policy )
  • We will keep only the e-mail information for software license management,
    we will not collect any personal information other than.
  • Items of personal information that we collect
        e-mail address.
        (If company license) company name.
  • Managed additional items
        Software Order ID.
  • How to collect personal information
        Software Order.
  • The purpose of the personal information collection
        Sends the software Regcode.
        Confirm the software license.
  • Privacy protection measures
        Encryption of information.
  • Sharing and providing personal information
        We do not share.
        We provide in accordance with the law.